Planta Med 1994; 60(4): 301-304
DOI: 10.1055/s-2006-959488

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An Investigation on the Hepatoprotective Activity of Gymnosporia montana

Subrata De1 , B. Ravishankar1 , G. C. Bhavsar2
  • 1Institute of Post-Graduate Teaching and Research, Gujarat Ayurved University, Dhanvantari Mandir, Jamnagar - 361 008, Gujarat, India
  • 2Shri B. V. Patel P.E.R.D. Centre, Ahmedabad, India
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04 January 2007 (online)


The methanol extract of the defatted leaves of Gymnosporia montana was evaluated for hepatoprotective activity by noting its effect on carbon tetrachloride (CCl4)-induced changes in liver cytoarchitecture and alterations in certain biochemical parameters. The main parameters studied were transaminase activity, lipid constituents of serum and liver, orosomucoid level in serum, and liver glycogen and phospholipid contents. The extract administration led to a significant reversal of the majority of the altered biochemical parameters. Besides, a significant antagonism of the CCl4-induced changes in the liver cytoarchitecture was also observed. The results confirm the presence of hepatoprotective activity in the plant material.