Synlett 2006(10): 1479-1484  
DOI: 10.1055/s-2006-941597
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A Convenient Synthesis of Oxazolines and Imidazolines from Aromatic Aldehydes with Pyridinium Hydrobromide Perbromide in Water

Shinsei Sayama*
Department of Chemistry, Fukushima Medical University, Hikariga-oka, Fukushima 960-1295, Japan
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Received 16 February 2006
Publication Date:
12 June 2006 (online)


Various 2-oxazolines were prepared from aromatic aldehydes and 2-aminoethanol with pyridinium hydrobromide per­bromide in water at room temperature. 2-Imidazolines were also obtained in good yields from aromatic aldehydes and ethylenediamine under the same reaction conditions.