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Some Remarks Concerning Homeopathic Provings

Paulo Rosenbaum, Silvia I. Waisse-Priven
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14 December 2006 (online)


There is extensive discussion concerning the proper method of conducting homeopathic drug trials. The authors have been conducting provings for the last three years. Experience has revealed some aspects that have been previously omitted or that need further adjustment, such as the notion of healthy volunteer, double-blind vs. multiphase studies, the notion of placebo, etc. The authors believe that it's essential for researchers to publish even partial results of well conducted trials, in order to contribute to the improvement of the proving protocol.


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1 Notwithstanding the establishment of organisations such as the Drug Provings Group of the European Committee for Homeopathy and Research Committee of AMHB, which merely suggest guidelines, without any enforcing powers. Despite this, many provings are still conducted by individuals or teams not affiliated with any homeopathic scientific institution.

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