Planta Med 2005; 71(12): 1178
DOI: 10.1055/s-2005-916265
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Sesquiterpene Lactones with Potent Cytotoxic Activities from Vernonia chinensis

Planta Med 2005; 71: 949-954Xin Chen, Zha-Jun Zhan, Xiong-Wen Zhang, Jian Ding, Jian-Min Yue
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05 January 2006 (online)

Xin Chen, Zha-Jun Zhan, Xiong-Wen Zhang, Jian Ding, Jian-Min Yue. Sesquiterpene Lactones with Potent Cytotoxic Activities from Vernonia chinensis. Planta Med 2005; 71: 949-954

Published in pp 949-954 in Issue 10, 2005 contained an incorrect statement in the Introduction. The sentence ”This plant has not previously been investigated chemically” is revised to: ”The phytochemistry of Vernonia chinensis growing in Europe has been investigated [1,2], while material originating from China has so far not been subjected to chemical analysis.”


1 Bohlmann F, Jakupovic J, Gupta RK, King RM, Robinson H. Allenic germacranolides, bourbonene derived lactones and other constituents from Vernonia species. Phytochemistry 1981; 20: 473-80.

2 Bohlmann F, Zdero C. New glaucolides from Vernonia species. Rev Latinoam Quim 1988; 19: 63-5.

We regret this mistake.