Semin intervent Radiol 2005; 22(1): 6-9
DOI: 10.1055/s-2005-869570
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The Evolution of Interventional Radiology

Timothy P. Murphy1 , Gregory M. Soares1
  • 1Brown Medical School, Rhode Island Hospital, Providence, Rhode Island
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12 May 2005 (online)


Interventional radiology was once considered “angiography,” or in some hospitals, “special procedures.” Angiographers usually did not perform evaluation and management services. In 1963, Dr. Charles T. Dotter recognized the potential of catheters to be used in performing intravascular surgery. By the mid-1980s a wide array of therapeutic interventions and devices had been developed. The emergence of interventional radiology as a dedicated specialty, where interventionalists practice solely interventional radiology, has been a tremendous boost to referrals for therapeutic interventions. However, the possibility for change depends on the practice environment in which interventionalists work. This may serve as a note of caution to young interventionalists just out of fellowship; they have the most to lose if a practice doesn't support interventional clinical practice over the long haul in terms of time and resources.


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Timothy P MurphyM.D. F.S.I.R. F.A.H.A. F.S.V.M.B. 

Associate Professor of Diagnostic Imaging, Brown Medical School

Rhode Island Hospital, 593 Eddy Street

Providence, RI 02903