AHZ 2005; 250 - 69
DOI: 10.1055/s-2005-868677

Homeopathic treatment of metastatic carcinomas

Die homöopathische Behandlung metastasierender KarzinomeJ Wurster 1
  • 1Clinica Santa Croce, Orselina, Switzerland

Homeopathic treatment of metastatic carcinomas poses a great challenge to the practitioner, because the treatment plan must incorporate several levels of information in order to influence the tumor. Treatment blockages through chemotherapy, radiation therapy or miasmatic influences have to be dealt with before deeper acting remedies can be administered.

Patients with advanced or metastatic tumors have been treated by Q (LM) potencies. The reaction to Q-potencies and the changes in pathogenetic parameters were included in assessing the action of the homeopathic remedy. Through consideration of the individual pathogenesis and application of a suitable therapy plan already metastatic tumors could be made to disappear, as has been documented in several cases. We present cases of metastatic melanoma, lingual cancer with cervical metastases, carcinoma of the naso-pharynx with cervical metastases, and a case of ossal and pulmonal metastatic thyroid carcinoma. In those cases, tumors and metastases were made to disappear through homeopathic treatment.


Cancer, metastases, Treatment blockages, Q-potencies.


Krebs, Metastasen, Heilungshindernisse, Q-Potenzen.

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