Allgemeine Homöopathische Zeitung 2005; 250 - 29
DOI: 10.1055/s-2005-868637

The integrative project „Homeopathy in pediatrics“ at the children's hospital of the University of Munich, Germany

Integrationsprojekt „Homöopathie in der Kinderheilkunde“ am Kinderkrankenhaus der Universitätsklinik MünchenS Kruse 2, M Dorcsi-Ulrich 1, C Lucae 2
  • 1Pediatric medical practice, München, Germany
  • 2Dr. von Hauner's Hospital for Children, Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich, München, Germany

The project „Homeopathy in pediatrics“ was established in the Dr. von Hauner's Children's Hospital University of Munich in 1995 to integrate homeopathy into a university hospital. Selected children (outpatients and in the wards) are treated conventionally and homeopathically. The Karl and Veronica Carstens-Foundation initially financed the project over six years. An association of parents, whose children were treated for cancer, funded the project for one year. Since 2002, for the first time in Germany, the National Health Insurance is providing the financial background for two consultants for Homeopathy at this University hospital.

Who are we?

Dr. Mira Dorcsi-Ulrich, who initiated the project and carries out the supervision. She is a pediatrician in her own practice with 23 years of experience.

Dr. Sigrid Kruse has managed to integrate homeopathy into the clinic, starting at first in 1995 as a resident for pediatrics. Now she fulfills the requests of doctors and parents in the wards demanding concomitant homeopathic treatment.

Dr. Christian Lucae mainly treats the outpatients while focussing on his research project with children showing attention-deficit-hyperactivity-syndrome (ADHS).

Concomitant homeopathic therapy was successful in the following cases: intracerebral bleeding 3rd degree in premature babies, drug withdrawal in neonates addicted mothers, epilepsy, handicapped children, ADHS, migraine, tic, recurrent infections, asthma and atopic eczema, complications in wound healing and other problems. Homeopathic treatment of children parallel to conventional methods is particularly well accepted in the treatment of cancer. The side effects of oncological treatment like vomiting and stomatitis can be relieved, aggressions and anxiety intercepted and life quality improved.


Pediatrics, integration of homeopathy, university children's hospital, intracerebral bleeding 3rd degree in neonates, ADHS, oncology


Pädiatrie, Integration der Homöopathie, Universitätskinderklinik, Hirnblutung 3. Grades in der Neonatologie, ADHS, Onkologie

Korrespondierender Autor: Sigrid Kruse2, Mira Dorcsi-Ulrich1, Christian Lucae2, 1Pediatric medical practice in Munich, Elisabethstr. 9, 80796 München, 2Dr. von Hauner's Hospital for Children, Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich, Lindwurmstr. 4, D-80337 München, Germany