Pharmacopsychiatry 2003; 36 - 319
DOI: 10.1055/s-2003-825562

Smoking in schizophrenia –Relationship to psychopathology and side-effects

A Wolźniak 1, T Szafrański 1
  • 1III Department Psychiatry, Institute Psychiatry and Neurology, Warszawa, Poland

There is an increased interest in smoking among schizophrenia patients. It was suggested that frequency of smoking may be associated with positive and negative symptoms as well as may be a self-help strategy to cope with side-effects of medications.

The aim of our study was to examine the relationship between smoking, psychopathology and side-effects in a sample of 60 schizophrenia inpatients with exacerbation of psychosis. Psychopathology was assessed with PANSS, side effects were measured with UKU. Smoking status was determined and Fagerstrom test was administered to all smoking subjects. 58,3% patients were smoking –36,6% longer than 10 years. There were no differences between smokers and non-smokers in side effects and on PANSS total (positive, negative, depressive factors). The only difference was excitement factor – higher among smokers (p<0.02).