Planta Med 2001; 67(4): 350-353
DOI: 10.1055/s-2001-14323
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Natural Product Chemistry
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HIV Inhibitor from Thai Bitter Gourd

Weena Jiratchariyakul1,*, Chanpen Wiwat1 , Molvibha Vongsakul2 , Aimon Somanabandhu1 , Wichet Leelamanit1 , Isao Fujii3 , Natsajee Suwannaroj1 , Yutaka Ebizuka3
  • 1 Faculty of Pharmacy, Mahidol University, Sri Ayudhya Road, Bangkok, Thailand
  • 2 Faculty of Science, Mahidol University, Phra Ram VI Road, Bangkok, Thailand
  • 3 Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, The University of Tokyo, Department of Natural Products Chemistry Graduate School, Tokyo, Japan
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June 8, 2000

September 10, 2000

31. Dezember 2001 (online)


Thai bitter gourd protein (MRK29) was isolated from Momordica charantia ripe fruit and seed. The purification was performed by ammonium sulfate fractionation and gel filtration chromatography. MRK29 possessed one isoelectric point of (pI) ≥ 9, and the time of flight mass spectrum (TOFMS) indicated its molecular weight at 28.6 kD. The twenty amino acid sequence from the N-terminus was in the following order: 1Asp Val Asn Phe Arg Leu Ser Gly Ala 10Asp Pro Arg X Tyr Gly Met Phe Ile Glu 20Asp. MRK29 inhibited the HIV-1 reverse transcriptase with 50 % IR at the concentration of 18 μg/ml. MRK29 was concentrated in the 30 - 60 % salt precipitated fraction, at which the concentration of 0.175 μg/ml exerted 82 % reduction of viral core protein p24 expression in HIV-infected cells. MRK29 might have modulatory role on immune cells, because it increased 3-fold TNF activity.


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