Planta Med 2001; 67(4): 358-359
DOI: 10.1055/s-2001-14315

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Costunolide, a Sesquiterpene from the Stem Bark of Magnolia sieboldii, Inhibits the RAS-Farnesyl-Proteintransferase

Sung-Hee Park1 , Sang-Un Choi1 , Chong Ock Lee1 , Sung-eun Yoo1 , Seok Keun Yoon1 , Young-Kyoon Kim2 , Shi Yong Ryu1,*
  • 1 Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology, Taejeon, Korea
  • 2 College of Forest Science, Kookmin University, Seoul, Korea
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June 2, 2000

August 19, 2000

Publication Date:
31 December 2001 (online)


Costunolide, a germacrane sesquiterpene lactone isolated from the stem bark of Magnolia sieboldii demonstrated a significant inhibition upon the farnesylation process of human lamin-B by farnesyl-proteintransferase (FPTase), in a dose dependent manner in vitro (IC50 value was calculated as 20 μM). It was also found to exhibit an inhibition upon the proliferation of cultured human tumor cells, i.e., A549 (non small cell lung), SK-OV-3 (ovary), SK-MEL-2 (melanoma), XF498 (central nerve system) and HCT-15 (colon), in vitro.


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