Perspectives in Vascular Surgery 2000; Volume 13(Number 3): 0001-0014
DOI: 10.1055/s-2000-9521
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Stent Graft Repair of Thoracic Aortic Pathology

Richard P. Cambria
  • Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, MA; The Division of Vascular Surgery, and the Thoracic Aortic Center, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA.
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31. Dezember 2000 (online)


-Stent-graft repair of thoracic aortic pathology has progressed to phase II clinical trials of commercially made devices. The latter represent substantial improvements from previously employed homemade constructs. Preliminary experience indicates that stent-graft repair for anatomically suitable degenerative aneurysms will present an effective and less morbid approach when compared to open repair. Prospective trials of stent-graft repair for the other lesions-in-particular acute distal aortic dissections-will be required before its ultimate role is defined.