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DOI: 10.1055/s-0043-1764144
Case Report

Paratesticular Osteosarcoma—A Rare Tumor with Distinctive Imaging Findings

Lesin Kumar Nithiyanandham
1   Department of Surgical Oncology, Cancer Institute, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Indhuja Muthiah Vaikundaraja
2   Department of Medical Oncology, Cancer Institute, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Shirley Sundersingh
3   Department of Onco-Pathology, Cancer Institute, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Sneha Lalit
4   Department of Radiodiagnosis, Cancer Institute, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Arun Ramdas Menon
1   Department of Surgical Oncology, Cancer Institute, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Elluswami Hemanth Raj
1   Department of Surgical Oncology, Cancer Institute, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
1   Department of Surgical Oncology, Cancer Institute, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
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Extraosseous osteosarcoma (EOO) is a rare mesenchymal malignancy representing 4% of all osteosarcomas and 1% of soft tissue sarcomas. The testes, its supporting structures, that is, paratestes, and the spermatic cord are among the rarest sites for EOO, with only 11 published English language reports to date. We report our experience with a 73-year-old male presenting with left hemiscrotal swelling, noted to have extensive amorphous intratumoral calcification on imaging. He underwent left high inguinal orchidectomy with en bloc hemiscrotectomy, with a final pathologic diagnosis of primary paratesticular osteosarcoma. Our literature review corroborates this distinctive, hitherto overlooked imaging feature.


The study was conducted at the Cancer Institute Chennai, India.

Publication History

Article published online:
10 April 2023

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