CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 · Asian J Neurosurg 2023; 18(01): 216-218
DOI: 10.1055/s-0043-1764117
Case Report

A Rare Patient with Hereditary Spastic Paraparesis with Parkinsonism

1   Neurology Clinic, Diskapi Yildirim Beyazit Training and Research Hospital, Ankara, Turkey
Selcuk Comoglu
1   Neurology Clinic, Diskapi Yildirim Beyazit Training and Research Hospital, Ankara, Turkey
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Herein, we present a rare patient with hereditary spastic paraparesis (HSP) in whom significant parkinsonism was involved in the clinic. Besides, the dopamine transport single-photon emission computed tomography scan also showed decreased tracer uptake in the bilateral striatum. Via the presentation of this patient, we discuss the parkinsonian findings in patients with HSP. We think that the observations of dopaminergic neuron vulnerability in HSP patients raise the possibility that degeneration of central dopaminergic neurons may contribute to the phenotype of HSP. The documentation of these rare variants will aid to understand the unknown pathophysiology of the disease course.

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Article published online:
03 April 2023

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