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Correlation of Thrombosis and Clinicohematological Parameters with JAK2V617F Mutation in Philadelphia-Negative CMPNs: A Study from India

Kanwaljeet Singh
1   Department of Laboratory Sciences and Molecular Medicine, Army Hospital (R&R), Delhi Cantt, India
Pradeep V.
1   Department of Laboratory Sciences and Molecular Medicine, Army Hospital (R&R), Delhi Cantt, India
Ankur Ahuja
1   Department of Laboratory Sciences and Molecular Medicine, Army Hospital (R&R), Delhi Cantt, India
Venkatesan Somasundarum
1   Department of Laboratory Sciences and Molecular Medicine, Army Hospital (R&R), Delhi Cantt, India
Kundan Mishra
1   Department of Laboratory Sciences and Molecular Medicine, Army Hospital (R&R), Delhi Cantt, India
Tathagat Chatterjee
1   Department of Laboratory Sciences and Molecular Medicine, Army Hospital (R&R), Delhi Cantt, India
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Objective Philadelphia-negative chronic myeloproliferative neoplasms (CMPNs), which include polycythemia vera (PV), essential thrombocythemia (ET), and primary myelofibrosis (PMF), are characterized by the presence of JAK2V617F (exon 14) mutation, and this occurs in 90 to 95% cases of PV and 50 to 60% cases of ET and PMF. Still, this is a matter of debate regarding the correlation of this mutation with thrombosis and clinicohematological parameters in CMPNs. So, we conducted this study to ascertain the association of JAK2V617F mutation with thrombotic complications and clinicohematological parameters of these patients.

Materials and Methods This prospective and retrospective study was conducted during 2018 to 2019 at the Department of Laboratory Sciences and Molecular Medicine of a tertiary care hospital, and 160 CMPN patients were enrolled. Complete hemogram was done and DNA was extracted, followed by real-time qualitative polymerase chain reaction to check for JAK2V617F mutation. This mutation was then correlated with complications, mainly thrombosis, hematological parameters, and clinical parameters such as age and splenomegaly.

Results Among 160 CMPN patients, 60 were females and 100 were males, with male to female ratio of 1:0.6, and age range of 27 to 85 years. Total 91 (56.9%) patients were JAK2V617F positive and the remaining 69 (43.1%) were negative for this mutation. We observed statistically significant correlation of leukocyte count, splenomegaly, and thrombosis in JAK2V617F-mutated patients as compared to unmutated patients.

Conclusion This study emphasizes the importance of JAK2V617F mutation in CMPNs and stresses on its association with clinical, hematological phenotype, and thrombotic complications, which may open new horizons in prognostication and management protocol.

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Article published online:
20 October 2022

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