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Annals of National Academy of Medical Sciences (India): Goals

Anil K. Jain
1   Department of Orthopaedics, University College of Medical Sciences, University of Delhi, Delhi, India
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Annals of National Academy of Medical Sciences (India) is being published for the past 58 years, with the first Issue published in 1965. Every year it is published as a quarterly journal. It is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes editorials, annotations, perspectives, current concept reviews, original articles, and case reports. It has its own website with online submission and review manager portal ( It is indexed in Directory of Open Access Journal (DOAJ), Google Scholar, EBSCO, and ProQuest. A scientific journal is the face of any academic body. It provides a platform where good research is published after blinded peer review. The state-of-the-art reviews provide latest updated knowledge on a subject.

National Academy of Medical Sciences (India) has 972 fellows (FAMS) of the academy who are the best academicians, researchers, and “who is who” in medical fraternity from 56 subjects (basic and specialties). All these DNB pass outs who are enrolled as MNAMS make a huge (8,500) number of experts practicing in different parts of the country. NAMS has a total of 2,350 members (MAMS) who are young and senior medical teachers in various medical colleges and have shown exemplary brilliance in education and research. We have the best pool of experts and researchers available with the society.

We wish to define a goal for Annals for the next 2 years. Annals should be known for quality of its content. It should be a preferred journal for every researcher to submit their research work and to be indexed in most databases (like PubMed, SCIe) and achieve a high impact factor. To achieve indexing in various databases like PubMed, Science Citation expanded, and others, the journal should be consistent in quality of its content, should be well reviewed and attract citations from authors, adhere to good publication practices, and be consistent in print quality.

At the moment, the journal is included in DOAJ. We aim to get it included in PMC and SCOPUS in the future. We have planned a few serial steps where cooperation of NAMS fellows and members is solicited:

  1. Creating a website of ANAMS (India). We plan to have our own website where all the current issues (including back Issues) will be published. As a result, Annals will have a consistent global visibility that will also increase gradually.

  2. We are in the process of expanding our editorial team to include section editors.

  3. A good review process is the heart and soul of any publication. The quality of medical literature is because of its sound and quality peer review. Since NAMS database includes over 10,000 members and fellows; if these 10,000 researchers/teachers are willing to review two to three manuscripts per year, then we will have a very good robust review process. We sent e-mails to all members/fellows to support Annals by consenting to be reviewers. We got 150 replies and have included all of them in our reviewers' database. We request you all to contribute ANAMS. Good and timely review will help us in reducing submission to decision time considerably (3–6 weeks). We will acknowledge the contribution of reviewers in the journal every year.

  4. Make Annals as the preferred journal for scientists. The journal is recognized by publication of good quality articles. I appeal you all to please popularize Annals among your colleagues and students. All readers are also requested to please submit their best contribution/research work to the journal. The journal gets credit and consideration based on cross-citations of published articles in other journals. It is important that we publish our best articles in Annals so that they are cited by researchers in other journals and also cite articles published in Annals in your future publications.

Creating a high-quality journal is the best contribution toward the growth of science. Improving the quality of a journal is the teamwork of editorial team, authors, reviewers, and publishing staff. I appeal to all the members, fellow editors, and reviewers to work together to achieve the goals envisaged for Annals.

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24 May 2022

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