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DOI: 10.1055/s-0041-1740172
Reporte de Caso | Case Report

Inguinal Superficial CD34-Positive Fibroblastic Tumor. Case Report and Literature Review

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1   Especialista en Cirugía Ortopédica Oncológica, Hospital Universitario San Ignacio, Bogotá, Colombia
2   Especialista en Patología, Hospital Universitario San Ignacio, Bogotá, Colombia
3   Residente II año Ortopedia y Traumatología, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá, Colombia
4   Residente IV año Ortopedia y Traumatología, Hospital Universitario San Ignacio, Bogotá, Colombia
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Superficial cluster of differentation 34 (CD34)-positive fibroblastic soft-tissue tumor is a rare, low-frequency tumor, characterized histologically by marked pleomorphism, low mitotic activity, and diffuse immunoreactivity for CD34. It may behave like a mesenchymal tumor of intermediate malignancy. There are only 52 cases published in the literature. We present the case of a 31-year-old patient with a long progressive and painful growth of a soft-tissue lesion in the left inguinal region. The mass was biopsied and, with the suspicion of a superficial CD34-positive fibroblast tumor, it was subsequently treated with an enlarged resection of the lesion and covering the skin defect with a local V-Y advancement flap, with a satisfactory evolution in the postoperative follow-up. The pathology report confirmed the diagnostic suspicion of a tumor with strong reactivity for CD34, with tumor protein p53 in 60% to 70%, antigen Ki67 in less than 15%, without loss of nuclear INI-1 protein, and with negativity for CD31, CD163, AE1AE3, CAM5.2, EMA, CD30, progestin receptors, S100 protein and desmin, with negative borders.

Level of evidence IV.

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Received: 15 May 2020

Accepted: 06 August 2021

Article published online:
22 December 2021

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