CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 · The Arab Journal of Interventional Radiology 2018; 02(03): S29
DOI: 10.1055/s-0041-1730725

Experience with Bronchial Artery Embolization for Haemoptysis in Patients with Aspergilloma

Krishna Prasad Bellam Premnath
Queen'S Hospital, London, UK, Kochi, India
Binu Joy
Rajagiri Hospital, Kochi, India
Vijaykumar Akondi Raghavendra
Rajagiri Hospital, Kochi, India
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Background: The aim of the study was to describe our experience with bronchial artery embolization for massive or persistent hemoptysis in patients with aspergilloma. Methods: This is a retrospective study where patients with aspergilloma presenting with massive or persistent hemoptysis who were treated over the past 18 months with bronchial artery embolization and followed up in our hospital were reviewed for history, procedure details, complications, and recurrence from the case records. Results: Number of patients treated in the 18-month period was 16. Fifteen patients had aspergillomas in cavities of tuberculous sequel, and one in a necrobiotic rheumatoid nodule. Fourteen patients had massive hemoptysis and two had mild but persistent hemoptysis. All patients underwent CT angiography before embolization for bronchial/other systemic culprit artery mapping. All patients had successful attempts of bronchial artery embolization. Polyvinyl alcohol particles were used in 6 and gelfoam slurry was used in 8 patients. One patient had recurrence after 4 h of embolization and was reembolized; gelfoam was the agent used in this case. Three cases had recurrence within 6 months. All other cases had no recurrence of hemoptysis, and the longest recurrence-free period recorded was 16 months. Three patients were cured of aspergilloma after embolization. None of the patients had any complications related to embolization. Conclusion: Aspergillomas can cause recurrence of hemoptysis even after successful satisfactory embolization. Embolization may have a role in disappearance of aspergilloma as has been demonstrated in three of our cases and has never before reported or discussed in literature.

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Article published online:
11 May 2021

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