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DOI: 10.1055/s-0040-1716603
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Comparative Evaluation of In-House and Commercial Real-Time PCR Methods for the Detection of the BK and JC Viruses in Clinical Samples

Mehmet Özdemir
1   Department of Medical Microbiology, Division of Medical Virology, Meram Medical Faculty, Necmettin Erbakan University, Konya, Turkey
Uğur Ayan
2   Medical Microbiology Laboratory, Istanbul Medeniyet University, Göztepe Training and Research Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey
Murat Şevik
3   Department of Virology, Veterinary Faculty, Mustafa Kemal University, Antakya, Turkey
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Aim The two most common human polyomaviruses are the BK (BKV) and JC viruses (JCV). Diseases associated with polyomavirus usually occur in cases of severe cellular immunosuppression. BKV and JCV can cause many diseases, especially if they are reactivated in an immunosuppressed host. The aim of this study is to compare and evaluate the results of real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) methods targeting the small and large T gene regions of the viral genome, considering polymorphisms occurring in the viral genome of BKV and JCV.

Materials and Methods Urinary specimens of 82 patients were taken from immunosuppressed patient and sent to molecular microbiology laboratory of Meram Medical Faculty. The small t gene was investigated using a commercial kit (LightMix, Roche) by real-time PCR method. Large T gene was investigated by using the optimized in-house real-time PCR method. Sequence analysis was accepted as the standard method.

Results BKV positivity was detected in 9 samples and JCV positivity in 61 samples by real-time PCR method specific to small t gene region; BKV positivity in 21 samples and JCV positivity in 67 samples were determined by real-time PCR method specific to the large T gene region. Statistically, there was a significant difference for BKV, but not significant difference for JCV detection between the two methods.

Conclusion Different polymorphisms in the target gene regions were responsible for the different outcomes obtained from this study. With this sensitivity and specificity, in-house PCR method which we used is a candidate for routine diagnosis.

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Article published online:
02 September 2020

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