Homeopathy 2020; 109(03): 169-175
DOI: 10.1055/s-0040-1714053
The Faculty of Homeopathy

The Hydra-Headed Coronaviruses: Implications of COVID-19 for Homeopathy

1  São Paulo Homeopathic Medical Association/Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Menachem Oberbaum
2  Department of Complementary Medicine, Shaare Zedek Medical Center, Jerusalem, Israel
Michael Frass
3  Institute for Homeopathic Research, Vienna, Austria
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05. Mai 2020

18. Mai 2020

22. Juli 2020 (online)


Successful homeopathic prescriptions are based on careful individualization of symptoms, either for an individual patient or collectively in the case of epidemic outbreaks. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic was initially represented as a severe acute respiratory illness, with eventual dramatic complications. However, over time it revealed to be a complex systemic disease with manifestations derived from viral-induced inflammation and hypercoagulability, thus liable to affect any body organ or system. As a result, clinical presentation is variable, in addition to variations associated with several individual and collective risk factors. Given the extreme variability of pathology and clinical manifestations, a single, or a few, universal homeopathic preventive Do not split medicine(s) do not seem feasible. Yet homeopathy may have a relevant role to play, inasmuch as the vast majority of patients only exhibit the mild form of disease and are indicated to self-care at home, without standard monitoring, follow-up, or treatment. For future pandemics, homeopathy agencies should prepare by establishing rapid-response teams and efficacious lines of communication.


• COVID-19 was originally represented as an acute severe respiratory disease.

• In time it has proved to be a complex systemic condition liable to affect any body organ or system.

• As a result, it exhibits a complex scope of pathology and clinical manifestations.

• The complex nature of COVID-19 does not seem amenable to the genus epidemicus approach in homeopathy.