Homœopathic Links 2020; 33(02): 075
DOI: 10.1055/s-0040-1710578
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Joe Rozencwajg
1  New Zealand
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26 June 2020 (online)

We live in interesting times, bombarded from all sides by messages of fear and impending doom. Quite regularly we are all going to die from an infectious disease. Regular as clockwork it is ‘La Grippe’, the flu that this year will be terrible, as was predicted last year and every year. Then an assortment of exotic ones: Zika, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), with our old friend measles popping in, and now we are in the middle of Covid19.

It is not a walk in the park for those who are infected and ill, and dying from those infections is certainly not laughing matter. And yet, most of those events are preventable with simple measures that demand a political willingness to implement and a change in human mentality. Vaccines are the only tool offered by the medical community, assorted in some places with threats if one dares not to comply, while the documentation of harm caused by those vaccines is ferociously hunted down and covered up.

This is where homeoprophylaxis comes in. Dr Isaac Golden, PhD, exponentially developed this method, as well as the treatment of their complications, in parallel with the late Dr Tinus Smits, using slightly different methods but with similar reproductible excellent results.

In this edition of Links, Dr Golden presents a summary of the latest developments in homeoprophylaxis. The numbers are impressive, as they are in all his books. This article will hopefully be a steppingstone for those who do not yet know the method to learn more about it and include it as another powerful tool in their daily practice.

There is a sad aspect to homeoprophylaxis: so many, too many practicing homeopaths and even teachers and lecturers at famous schools, are rejecting it blindly because of theoretical arguments: ‘it is not homeopathy as it is not based on the Law of Similars!’… yes, it is: what causes the disease can cure the disease; ‘the remedies have not been proved!’ … yes, they have been in many cases and the side effects of the crude doses are a proving, albeit not with a potency; and the worst: ‘they are not prescribed based on symptoms as a genus epidemicus should be!’ Didn't Hahnemann write that our duty is to the patient and not to theories? Curing sick people is magnificent but isn't preventing their illness a better way? If we have a simple, demonstrated, safe and cheap method to avoid suffering and untimely death, isn't it our duty to offer it? It reminds me of the old ‘joke’: a patient comes to see his Doctor; ‘I have a cold, what should I do?’ the Doctor says ‘sleep naked outside tonight’ to which the patient replies ‘but I will get pneumonia!’ ‘Exactly’ says the Doctor ‘we do not know how to treat a cold, but we know how to treat pneumonia!’ It has stopped being funny when witnessing what is happening around us today. It is dramatic when health professionals attack colleagues who are willing to expand their horizons, who try to relieve suffering before it happens. Aren't homeopaths supposed to be enlightened?