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Vaccine-Injured Children—21st Century Tragedy: Treatment, Prevention, Reasons. WHY?

Joe Rozencwajg
1  New Zealand
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26 June 2020 (online)

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Joe Rozencwajg, NMD

Vaccine-Injured Children—21st Century Tragedy: Treatment, Prevention, Reasons. by Dr Isaac Golden, PhD

2019 3rd Edition

ISBN: 978–0-9578726–6-0 Isaac Golden Publications

English language. Softcover. 194 pages.

Why indeed? Why should we submit our children (and adults) to a dangerous procedure, whose dangers are listed by the manufacturers themselves in the vaccine inserts, when the disease vaccines are aimed at preventing have no certainty to occur and can be treated holistically most of the times? When suffering from a serious pathology, it is worth considering potentially harmful therapies when the outcome without them is certain death. But when the problem has not yet happened, is not necessarily bound to happen and if it happens is often benign, why take the risk? Would you put your legs in a plaster cast before a ski holiday, just in case?

Dr Golden is the foremost world specialist in Homeoprophylaxis, a field he almost single-handedly developed over the last 20 years. He also has an immense knowledge about treating the side effects of vaccines.

This book is aimed at the public to inform about the dangers, pitfalls and alternatives to conventional vaccination with the safe methods of either avoiding them completely or using the methodology of Homeoprophylaxis; it is also offered to the professional colleagues who have not yet encountered the method and want a short but well-informed introduction to it; and as a welcome bonus, it is filled with cases of vaccine-injured children who have been helped and cured through Homeopathy after being abandoned by the system that made them sick in the first place.

It is divided in four questions: Do vaccines cause injury? What are the symptoms of vaccine injury? How can we prevent vaccine injury? And how do we treat vaccine injury? It is followed by a few appendices full of information about vaccines, the compensation schemes as well as a brief introduction to homeopathic medicine for those who are just exploring the territory. The text is interspersed with multiple cases, describing the problems encountered, how they were treated and their outcomes, which undoubtedly will raise hopes for many parents struggling to cope.

It is not a guide, a ‘how to’ manual about Homeoprophylaxis or treatment of complications. For this, one need to consult a trained practitioner, take Dr Golden's courses and read his books. It is a book of hope and a clear signal that there are other ways, better ways, safer ways. Read it. It is worth your time.