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DOI: 10.1055/s-0040-1710069
Case Report
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Correction of Carpal Valgus and Flexural Deformity with z-Tenotomy and Anastomosis Procedure in a Dog

Mikaela Gondolfe
1   Department of Surgery, Veterinary Specialty Centre of Seattle, Lynnwood, Washington, United States
Mark Garneau
1   Department of Surgery, Veterinary Specialty Centre of Seattle, Lynnwood, Washington, United States
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Publication History

22 December 2019

15 March 2020

Publication Date:
27 April 2020 (online)


This study aimed to describe a staged bilateral z-tenotomy and anastomosis procedure of flexor carpi ulnaris and superficial digital flexor tendons for the correction of carpal valgus and flexural deformity in a 1-year-old male-neutered Akita dog. Bilateral carpal valgus and flexural deformity were observed with palpably taut flexor carpi ulnaris tendons. The dog had a mild, weight-bearing bilateral forelimb lameness with the left forelimb more severely affected. Both forelimbs were treated with staged z-tenotomy and anastomosis procedure of both flexor carpi ulnaris and superficial digital flexor tendons. Successful tendon lengthening and correction of carpal valgus were achieved via z-tenotomy and anastomosis of affected tendons. No complications were observed. An 18-month follow-up revealed no evidence of lameness or carpal valgus. Though tendon injuries commonly occur in small animal patients, there is a shortage of reported cases, especially involving musculotendinous contractures. There are even fewer reports of successful tenotomy procedures. This case report supports successful outcome of the z-tenotomy procedure in a canine patient.

Authors' Contributions

Mark Garneau performed the surgery, provided figures and revised the manuscript. Mikaela Gondolfe compiled patient records and wrote and submitted the manuscript.

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