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DOI: 10.1055/s-0040-1708698
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Study on Awareness about Self-Medications and it's Complications Among Homemakers

Suchithra B. S.
1  Assitant Professor, Nitte Usha Institute of Nursing Sciences, Paneer, Mangalore
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Self-medication is mostly advanced practice worldwide and often considered as a component of self-care .However, unlike other components of self-care, self-medication has the potential to do good as well as cause harm since it involves the use many kinds of drugs .The practice of selfmedication must be based on authentic medical information otherwise irrational use of drugs can cause wastage of resources, increased resistance of pathogens ,and also can lead to serious health hazards such as adverse drug reaction and prolonged morbidity

Objectives of the study

1. To assess the occurrence of self-medication among homemakers.

2. To find the level of awareness and it's complications of self-medication among the homemakers.

Research methodology of the study

Research design for the present study is descriptive research design. The design was used to assess the prevalence of self-medication among homemakers and their awareness about selfmedication and its complications, at selected areas in Nitte village. The purposive sampling technique is used to select samples for the study. Sample size was about 100 homemakers and the population belonged to selected areas in Nittte village.

Publication History

Received: 01 December 2016

Accepted: 28 January 2017

Publication Date:
22 April 2020 (online)

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