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Dr. Mohinder Singh Jus (9-10-1947 to 6-10-2019)

Jay Yasgur
1  United States
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07 March 2020 (online)

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Dr. Mohinder Singh Jus (photo courtesy: Dr Jay Yasgur)

Dr. Mohinder Singh Jus (9-10-1947 to 6-10-2019) was born in New Delhi. The son of an artist, Mohinder studied medicine at the Calcutta Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital, where he graduated in 1968 with the ‘Diploma of Medicine and Surgery’ (DMS) degree. He mentored with Dr. Bijoy Kumar Bose, then the last student of Dr J.T. Kent. From 1969 to 1985, he conducted a private practice in New Delhi and during that period worked as lecturer and consultant at various homoeopathic universities and hospitals.

In 1985, he came to Switzerland with the objective of spreading the type of homoeopathy he had learnt from Dr. Bose. Soon he was not only a busy and successful practitioner, but began to teach classical homoeopathy in Switzerland and abroad. He was a sought-after speaker, appreciated for his vivid portrayals of the Materia Medica, vast knowledge of the miasms, and his practical teachings through live-anamnesis.

In 1988, he founded the Swiss Homoeopathic Institute (SHI), the principle task of which was the ‘weekend course’ in classical homoeopathy for doctors. This institute also serves to increase awareness about classical homoeopathy among the public.

In the following years, with his wife Martine Jus, he developed the SHI House of Homeopathy. This centre for classical homeopathy includes the SHI Homeopathic College and Clinic, the Dr. B.K. Bose Trust as well as a homeopathic pharmacy. Under his leadership, the SHI House of Homeopathy became a well-known centre for classical homeopathy. He was very committed to the recognition of homeopathy in Switzerland which reached a milestone for him, when in 2007, the state officially recognized the SHI Homeopathic College. He made a large contribution to the high status and recognition which homeopathy enjoys in Switzerland today. Mohinder engaged himself in various research projects and conducted homeopathic provings, for example, Hekla Lava, Amyl nitrosum, Guarana, Natrium arsenicosum and Adonis vernalis, and so forth.

Dr. Jus wrote several books, most in the German language, except for The Journey of a Disease: A Homeopathic Concept of Suppression and Cure (2006; see a review of this book by Jay Yasgur in American Homeopath #13, 2007). In this book he provided many people with a deeper understanding of homeopathy and the meaningful difference between healing and suppression of symptoms.

Some of his other works include Praktische Materia Medica, Kindertypen in der Homoopathie, Homoopathische Erste Hilfe, Verletzungen, and so forth. His Materia Medica is considered a masterpiece and is a faithful companion to many a homeopath in their daily practice. Mohinder edited the homoeopathic magazine Similia for some 30 years. He was also a poet, philosopher and accomplished painter.

Passing on his knowledge, enthusiasm and love for homeopathy was of paramount importance to him. He would often quote Dr. Kent, asking his students to put those words into practice, for example, ‘Love homeopathy and it will love you, too.’

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