Diabetologie und Stoffwechsel 2019; 14(S 01): S37
DOI: 10.1055/s-0039-1688212
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Effectiveness of FreeStyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring System Observed in Real-World, Chart Review Study in Adults with Type 2 Diabetes

J Kröger
1   Zentrum für Diabetologie Hamburg Bergedorf, Diabetologie, Hamburg, Germany
U Aigner
2   Versdias GmbH, Diabetologie, Sulzbach-Rosenberg, Germany
S Maxeiner
3   Diabetologisch Hausärztliche Gemeinschaftspraxis, Diabetologie, Bad Kreuznach, Germany
B Paschen
4   Diabetologische Schwerpunktpraxis, Diabetologie, Harburg, Germany
L Rose
5   Institut für Diabetesforschung, Diabetologie, Münster, Germany
O Schubert
4   Diabetologische Schwerpunktpraxis, Diabetologie, Harburg, Germany
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07 May 2019 (online)



This retrospective chart review study evaluated the effectiveness of the FreeStyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring SystemTM when used by adults with type 2 diabetes (T2DM) in a real-world setting. This study aimed to determine the effect of FreeStyle Libre when used for between 3 – 6 months on HbA1c. Adults on a basal-bolus insulin regimen for at least 1 year, using FreeStyle Libre regularly for at least 3 months (either self-funded or prescribed) and with HbA1c between 8.0 and 12.0% (64 to 108 mmol/mol) were included.


A total of 183 records from insulin using patients with T2DM from 6 medical centres in Germany were included in this chart review. On average, HbA1c was 8.9 ± 0.9% (73.1 ± 10.3 mmol/mol), prior to FreeStyle Libre use, age was 62.7 ± 11.8 years and average duration of insulin use 7.8 ± 5.4 years (mean ± SD), 67% of patients were on oral anti-diabetic medications (metformin, SU, TZD, DPP4 or SGLT2) and 57.1% were male. HbA1c results were recorded between 90 – 194 days from the start of use of FreeStyle Libre, between September 2015 and August 2018. To minimise selection bias, all patients that had used FreeStyle Libre for at least 3 months from each study site were included in the analysis.


After at least 3 months of using FreeStyle Libre, HbA1c (primary outcome) was significantly reduced by 0.9 ± 1.1% (mean ± SD); p < 0.0001.


This real-world, chart review study concluded that people with T2DM on insulin therapy, using FreeStyle Libre for between 3 – 6 months significantly reduced HbA1c.

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