Homeopathy 2019; 108(03): 169-176
DOI: 10.1055/s-0039-1681037
Review Article
The Faculty of Homeopathy

Explaining Homeopathy with Quantum Electrodynamics

Antonio Manzalini
1   Independent Researcher, Turin, Italy
Bruno Galeazzi
2   Homeopathic Clinic, Bassano del Grappa, Italy
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03 August 2018

24 January 2019

Publication Date:
22 March 2019 (online)


Background Every living organism is an open system operating far from thermodynamic equilibrium and exchanging energy, matter and information with an external environment. These exchanges are performed through non-linear interactions of billions of different biological components, at different levels, from the quantum to the macro-dimensional. The concept of quantum coherence is an inherent property of living cells, used for long-range interactions such as synchronization of cell division processes. There is support from recent advances in quantum biology, which demonstrate that coherence, as a state of order of matter coupled with electromagnetic (EM) fields, is one of the key quantum phenomena supporting life dynamics. Coherent phenomena are well explained by quantum field theory (QFT), a well-established theoretical framework in quantum physics. Water is essential for life, being the medium used by living organisms to carry out various biochemical reactions and playing a fundamental role in coherent phenomena.

Methods Quantum electrodynamics (QED), which is the relativistic QFT of electrodynamics, deals with the interactions between EM fields and matter. QED provides theoretical models and experimental frameworks for the emergence and dynamics of coherent structures, even in living organisms. This article provides a model of multi-level coherence for living organisms in which fractal phase oscillations of water are able to link and regulate a biochemical reaction. A mathematical approach, based on the eigenfunctions of Laplace operator in hyper-structures, is explored as a valuable framework to simulate and explain the oneness dynamics of multi-level coherence in life. The preparation process of a homeopathic medicine is analyzed according to QED principles, thus providing a scientific explanation for the theoretical model of “information transfer” from the substance to the water solution. A subsequent step explores the action of a homeopathic medicine in a living organism according to QED principles and the phase-space attractor's dynamics.

Results According to the developed model, all levels of a living organism—organelles, cells, tissues, organs, organ systems, whole organism—are characterized by their own specific wave functions, whose phases are perfectly orchestrated in a multi-level coherence oneness. When this multi-level coherence is broken, a disease emerges. An example shows how a homeopathic medicine can bring back a patient from a disease state to a healthy one. In particular, by adopting QED, it is argued that in the preparation of homeopathic medicines, the progressive dilution/succussion processes create the conditions for the emergence of coherence domains (CDs) in the aqueous solution. Those domains code the original substance information (in terms of phase oscillations) and therefore they can transfer said information (by phase resonance) to the multi-level coherent structures of the living organism.

Conclusions We encourage that QED principles and explanations become embodied in the fundamental teachings of the homeopathic method, thus providing the homeopath with a firm grounding in the practice of rational medicine. Systematic efforts in this direction should include multiple disciplines, such as quantum physics, quantum biology, conventional and homeopathic medicine and psychology.


• A rich prior art and recent advances in quantum biology demonstrate that coherence, as a state of order of matter coupled with electromagnetic (EM) fields, is one of the key quantum phenomena of life.

• Quantum coherence phenomena are well explained by quantum field theory (QFT). When QFT is specifically dealing with the interactions between EM fields and matter, it takes the name of quantum electrodynamics (QED).

• QED provides a theoretical and experimental framework for modeling the fundamental role of quantum EM fields and potentials in multi-level coherent structures in living organisms.

• According to this model, all levels of a living organism are characterized by their own specific wave functions, whose phases are perfectly orchestrated in a multi-level coherence oneness. When this multi-level coherence is broken, a disease emerges.

• We propose a scientific foundation explaining the mechanism of action of homeopathic medicines, including the transfer of information from the homeopathic water preparation to the multi-level coherent domains of living organisms.

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