Homœopathic Links 2018; 31(04): 260
DOI: 10.1055/s-0039-1677671
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Conquering Fevers with Homoeopathy: Clinical Experiences

Reviewed by Dr.
Joe Rozencwajg
1  New Plymouth, New Zealand
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26 February 2019 (online)

This is a small practical book dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of fevers, based on the author's clinical experience. Starting with ‘Case Taking in Fevers’ and using multiple clinical examples, we are led to forgotten aspects of medicine, how to observe and diagnose a patient, taking into account the possible etiologies, the organs and systems involved, the types of fever as they relate to their causes, how to use the modalities, concomitants and keynotes of a properly taken history and complete physical examination. This is one aspect the author keeps insisting upon, a full physical examination of the patient. How would we otherwise know which part of the body is hot or cold, painful or not? What types of deviations from normal do we have when auscultating the heart, lungs or abdomen? Why a specific remedy has been chosen in each case is explained succinctly but clearly. The different types of fever are then described, followed by their management. Twenty-nine classic remedies are then presented in a short materia medica, with a focus on differentiating them within the febrile presentation. A few remedies from Hindustan are also quoted briefly. The last chapter, ‘Clinico-Patho-Physiology of Fever’ classifies the different types of fever, their potential origins and tests that can be done to arrive at a precise diagnosis, which in turn is used to pinpoint the correct remedy. No fancy theories, just a reminder of how to use properly the classic repertories, how to choose a few essential rubrics, focusing on the fever and a few modalities and concomitants but putting an emphasis on SRPs that allow to select the proper treatment from the mass of potential candidates, as almost every remedy in the materia medica has symptoms of fever. A highly recommended reminder and practical tool.