Homeopathy 2018; 107(04): 225
DOI: 10.1055/s-0038-1675183
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Obituary: Dr. Anita E. Davies

Susanne Katharina Dreher-Brogan
1  Faculty of Homeopathy, London, United Kingdom
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01 November 2018 (online)

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Dr. Anita E. Davies

Anita Davies studied medicine at the Royal Free Hospital in London. Following her first post-registration appointment at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital (RLHH), she worked in Obstetrics, Gynecology, Pediatrics, Rheumatology, Geriatrics, and part-time in research and at the RLHH.

In 1967, Dr. Davies joined Dr. Margery Blackie's private homeopathic practice in South Kensington, and gained her MRCP and MFHom in 1968. In 1977, she was awarded the FFHom after writing a thesis on ‘Homeopathy in the treatment of Hyperventilation’, having studied with Dr. Claude Lum, an expert in the field.

Dr. Davies served on the Council of the Faculty of Homeopathy, taught on Faculty courses and was Sub-Dean from 1975 to 1978. She was a founder member of the British Homoeopathy Research Group and edited 25 issues of its newsletter Communications between 1979 and 1999. British-based, European and international homeopathic physicians and researchers met up once or twice yearly to discuss results of their research studies or audit projects and to develop new ideas for future research. Renowned speakers delivered the ‘Blackie Memorial Lecture’.

Dr. Davies treated many notable people including The Queen, The Queen Mother and Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester. She established successful private homeopathic practices in London and Eastbourne.

From 1997 to 2016, Dr. Davies hosted CPD meetings of the London Homeopathic Group for Faculty Members and Associates and guided members to participate in audit and research projects. She helped to set up and later became a trustee of the Blackie Foundation Trust, which provides scholarships to homeopathy students and gives grants for homeopathic research projects—a position from which she latterly resigned.

In later years, Dr. Davies helped fund and enjoyed teaching a course for medical students on homeopathy at Queen's University Belfast, covering homeopathic research and the value of homeopathic prescribing in clinical practice.

As hobbies, she enjoyed playing the violin and piano, going for long fast walks in local parks, and gardening. She was very hospitable and often accommodated visitors, including homeopathic students and church missionaries, for several months at her house.

Dr. Davies was a Christian and a member of the Christian Medical Fellowship. Initially at Westminster Chapel and later at All Souls Churches' ASLAN project, she provided help for the homeless and disadvantaged. She was a volunteer for Premier Radio's Lifeline phone-in service, and her skills as a non-judgmental and active listener were known to everyone who came into contact with her. She was a member of Medical Service Ministries, who now train people abroad in primary healthcare so that they can serve their local communities. She also was a member of PRIME Partnership in International Medical Education, a Christian organisation that delivers teaching programmes and training, providing teaching resources to healthcare educators around the world.

Anita adopted a saying of the Welsh Christian Minister Selwyn Hughes as the main motto for her life: ‘Worship, be thankful, forgive, help others, persevere, cultivate your soul and stay close to God’.

With Anita Davies's passing, we have lost an exceptionally gifted homeopathic physician, researcher and teacher. She is greatly missed by her family, friends, patients and colleagues.