Homœopathic Links 2018; 31(02): 160-164
DOI: 10.1055/s-0038-1660454
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A Taste for Language

Books Written and Co-written by Harry van der ZeeReviewed by
Jay Yasgur
1  United States
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28 June 2018 (online)

All of us, to one degree or another, are familiar with Harry van der Zee. Whether we are touched by his insightful Link's editorials, moved by his selfless labours in Africa or awed by his administrative acumen and writings, it is impossible not to be aware of him.

For this issue, which is somewhat of a commemorative one, my contribution will attempt to capsulise some of his thought as found in his two books on miasms and the birth process.

...do we allow a baby to unfold its unique being by directing its own birth, or do we immediately start suppressing it with birthing practices which lack awareness?

One of the clear conclusion that can be drawn from analysing birth histories is that the theme present in a particular case, including that of an adult, is usually already visible in the birth history.