Homœopathic Links 2018; 31(02): 168
DOI: 10.1055/s-0038-1654692
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Homeopathic Cancer Drugs: Oncology Materia Medica

Reviewed by
Petra Wood
1  United Kingdom
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28 June 2018 (online)

These two volumes of Homeopathic Cancer Drugs clearly show Manfred Mueller's dedication to homeopathy. The books are hardback, printed in good quality and each volume is over 7 cm wide (almost 3 inches). More than 600 remedies are included and each one is given the greatest possible detail with information about pharmacology, indications, symptomatology, pathology, differential diagnosis, interactions, case documentation (if available) and more.

Better known remedies have lengthy entries over 10 to 15 pages, with most remedies being limited to just a few pages. Many remedies are little known in general homeopathic practice. I have enjoyed opening the book at random and finding interesting information that has the potential to help in cases of cancer.

Mr. Mueller has taken great care to reference throughout each remedy entry. The bibliography is extensive and lists all of our usual classical sources, plus proving and journal articles. In addition, each Materia Medica entry concludes with the source of citations.

Personally I am uncomfortable with the fact that for many of the little known remedies Mr. Mueller has referenced information about pathology to himself, yet how he arrived at this information remains unclear. One can only assume that this information stems from Mr. Mueller's own homeopathic practice.

Homeopathic Cancer Drugs is an impressive addition to any homeopath's bookshelf and a valuable clinical Material Medica. However, it is not a book to explain how to treat cancer. There is no suggestion of protocols in regards to potency or dosage. Entries on posology are taken from different sources and therefore reflect different authors' styles and experiences, often referring to material doses. I find it a little worrying that on Mr. Mueller's Web site, the book is advertised as ‘intended to be used as reference work for the active clinician as well as for the general public’ (https://thehomeopathiccollege.org/the-other-medicine/). I cannot see how someone without thorough training in homeopathy could possibly use this book with success.

I am pleased to see that in the foreword, Mr. Mueller announces that the book will be available ‘in digital form with an advanced professional search program’. As a homeopathic practitioner, this search program will be essential to access the information effectively. There is no index or basic repertory listing and I am currently uncertain as to how to arrive at many of the little known remedies in clinical practice.

For the experienced homeopath working with cancer patients, this book is a useful addition to our usual clinical Materia Medicas.