Homœopathic Links 2018; 31(02): 138-141
DOI: 10.1055/s-0038-1654688
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A Possible Future of Repertories and Software Tools

Eduard van Grinsven
1  France
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28 June 2018 (online)


Traditional repertories were originally very useful, but are nowadays becoming too large for practical use in the future. Software and centralised databases could provide a solution in the future, based on statistical relationships between remedies and cases.


• All repertory rubrics mentioned in this text are from Complete Repertory edition 2017 revision 1 (Roger van Zandvoort).

• The picture showing relationships between rubrics is from Complete Dynamics, Master edition, version 17.12 (https://completedynamics.com).

About the Author

Eduard van Grinsven is the founder of the software Complete Dynamics. He has run a private practice for 15 years. Web site: www.completedynamics.com