Thromb Haemost 1976; 36(01): 182-191
DOI: 10.1055/s-0038-1648023
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Platelet Preservation. II. The Response of Human Platelet Suspensions to Hypotonic Stress

J Odink
1  Central Laboratory of the Netherlands Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service, Plesmanlaan 125, P. O. B. 9190, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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Received 06 November 1975

Accepted 26 February 1976

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03 July 2018 (online)


1. Platelet suspensions were exposed to hypotonic stress. Several parameters of the changes in light absorbance were investigated i. a. the initial decrease in absorbance (Amin), the maximal rate of the recovery process (Vmax), and the value of the absorbance two hours after mixing the platelet suspension with the hypotonic solution.

2. The ratio Vmax/Amin appeared to be independent of both platelet concentration and, within a specific range, decrease in osmolarity.

3. Cryoprotectants appeared to disturb the response to hypotonic stress.

4. Cryopreservation caused a decrease in the light absorbance of the platelet suspension, of Amin, and of the recovery process.