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DOI: 10.1055/s-0038-1637023
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What Can Homeopathy Do? A Case of Fatal Rat Bite Fever

Melanie Grimes
1  United States
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30 March 2018 (online)


A man diagnosed with fatal rat bite fever was treated unsuccessfully with antibiotics and sinus surgery. He continued to have headaches and vertigo until homeopathic treatment with Rattus rattus, Sanguis rattus, Ignatia and a remedy made from rat faeces.


I thoroughly enjoyed my years working with LINKS, both as guest editor and as copy editor for 7 years. I had the greatest opportunity to read and edit the works of passionate homeopaths worldwide. One of my fond memories as copy editor of LINKS was a conversation I had with Julian Winston after the publication of an article referring to George Vithoulkas. I had not corrected the word IMMINANT to replace it with the word EMINENT, and Julian, always meticulous, was surprised and annoyed with me. I was surprised to have missed the same sounding word as well, pleased that Julian had pointed it out and amused by the idea of a homeopath being imminent. One of my fond memories was the publication of the interview of George Vithoulkas, which was titled, An Imminent Homeopath. I was not in the habit of checking the titles of the articles and Julian Winston emailed me the day the journal came out, incensed that I had not proofread the title and retitled it, as it should have been titled, An Eminent Homeopath. When I started, article copies of cases were mailed to me, or floppy discs. Over the years, the ease of sending documents created a more fluid environment for sharing information. I remember being amazed one day when the issue of American Homeopath I was editor for contained cases from five continents! It has always been my hope the homeopathic publications will preserve the information that this new Golden Age of homeopathy is producing.