Nuklearmedizin 1987; 26(01): 20-27
DOI: 10.1055/s-0038-1624356
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On the Theory of the Measurement of the First-Pass Pulmonary Extraction Using the Indicator Dilution Technique

Syed Farooq Akber
1  From the UCLA School of Medicine, Los Angeles, California, USA, and the Institute of Medical Science, University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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04 February 2018 (online)

Theory and concept of extraction involving invasive as well as non-invasive procedures to assess the first-pass extraction of tracers based on the indicator dilution technique are discussed. The experimental result of a noninvasive method using a gamma scintillation camera-computer system of firstpass pulmonary extraction of N-lsopropyl-123l-p-lodoamphetamine (123I-IMP) are also discussed.


Theorie und Konzept der Bestimmung der first-pass Extraktion auf der Basis der Indikatorverdünnungsmethode werden sowohl für invasive als auch für nichtinvasive Verfahren diskutiert. Die First-pass Lungenextraktion von N-Isopropyl-123J-p-Jodamphetamin (123J-IMP) wird anhand experimenteller Daten mit einer Gammakamera und Rechner besprochen.