Homœopathic Links 2017; 30(03): 202-207
DOI: 10.1055/s-0037-1604459
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Cyclical Remedy Complexes: Their Origin within Traditional Chinese Medicine and Relevance for Miasmatic Theory

Jerry M. Kantor
1   Needham, Massachusetts, United States
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26. September 2017 (online)


The roots of cyclical remedy analysis within traditional Chinese medicine's Five Phases theory are introduced. Relevance for clinical practice including illness interpretation, preventive application via a self-diagnosis mandala, and a more coherent understanding of the five original miasms (expressing five core existential dilemmas) are explained. This article presents a case illustration of anorexia nervosa and an analysis of three conditions: Alzheimer's disease, cancer of the breast, and cancer of the large intestine.


Jerry M. Kantor is the author of Interpreting Chronic Illness: The Convergence of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy and Biomedicine. Presenting a new model for understanding chronic illness, it has been described as the first truly integrative medicine text. He has also written The Toxic Relationship Cure, Clearing Traumatic Damage from a Boss, Parent, Lover or Friend by means of Natural, Drug-Free Remedies and Autism Reversal Toolbox, Strategies, Remedies, Resources. Jerry, a graduate of Nanjing College of Traditional Medicine's Advanced Acupuncture Course for Foreign Students, practices homeopathy and acupuncture at Vital Force Health Care LLC in Needham, Massachusetts, United States.