Allgemeine Homöopathische Zeitung 2017; 262(02): 2-76
DOI: 10.1055/s-0037-1601216
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Pilot study on ultra high dilution of physostigma venenosum for accommodation error-myopia

Pilotstudie zur ultrahohen Dilution von Physostigma venenosum bei Myopie mit Akkomodationsfehler

S Suresh
1   PRIST University, Psychology, Tanjore, India
L Ganesh
2   University of Madras, Anatomy, Chennai, India
S Manonmani
3   Periyar, Yoga, Salem, India
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21 March 2017 (online)


Accommodation defects are a mounting challenge in the modern era for which homeopathy can play a future role. Ultra high diluted physostigma venenosum selected on the basis of physiological actions and symptom similarity acts favorably on ciliary muscles of eyes. But, not enough research work has been carried out concerning the direct action of homeopathic physostigma for myopia. This pilot study attempts to study the direct action of homeopathic remedies on ciliary muscles of the eyes by testing the efficiency in myopic individuals.

To study: anti-myopial activity of ultra-high diluted physostigma venenosum with clinical symptoms similarity on myopic patients.

Random cases of 15 myopic individuals of different ages were selected from the primary clinic, the lowest age was 7 years, highest 35 years. An ophthalmologist tested the errors and noted them: a patient value ranging from -6 to -1 was treated with potentized physostigma venenosum. Based on Stuart thorough protocols of potency selections were made. Repetitions of remedy based on potency were used. Parameters were verified after 24 weeks.

Homeopathic physostigma showed positive changes in 11 out of 15 cases and no improvements in for 4 cases. Fair improvements were noted in 8 of 15, mild improvements were noted in 3 cases, which were free from symptoms. There was an overall improvement in 73.34% and no improvements in 26.66% of the cases. Moderate to good improvements were noted in 53.33%, mild improvement in 20% of the cases. This study clearly exhibits that potentized physostigma is most effective in treating short-sight, acting over ciliary muscles, evidence based in myopia. Now, we have to study the specificity in more cases.