Allgemeine Homöopathische Zeitung 2017; 262(02): 2-76
DOI: 10.1055/s-0037-1601215
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Efficacy of homeopathic medicine in treating an acute abdomen, observed in a private homeopathic centre in India

Wirksamkeit der homöopathischen Medizin bei der Behandlung eines akuten Abdomens, beobachtet in einem privaten homöopathischen Zentrum in Indien

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S Manonmani
1  Periyar University, Yoga, Salem, India
S Suresh
2  PRIST University, Tanjore, India
L Ganesh
3  University of Madras, Anatomy, Chennai, India
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21 March 2017 (online)


The term “acute abdomen” defines a clinical syndrome characterized by sudden onset of severe abdominal pain requiring emergent medical or surgical intervention. A prompt and accurate diagnosis is essential to minimize morbidity and mortality. The clinical diagnosis “acute abdomen” is a challenge for a homeopathic management. Homeopathy is a complete, most advanced modern science which takes into account the human being in disease. Hence limitations and scope of homeopathy is the homeopath himself.

To study the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies in “acute abdomen” cases were collected from homeopathic clinics in south India. All 34 acute abdominal cases treated in the last year were selected for the study. Those cases were either purely acute in the onset or an acute exacerbation of chronic conditions. Detailed case studies were done based on standard homeopathic case records. Necessary physical examinations, laboratory investigations and imaging techniques were applied at appropriate times. Specialist opinions were considered to confirm the diagnosis and prognosis. Then, they were treated with the homeopathic simillimum. Homeopathicity was considered from 3 to 36 hours, based on nature, seat and extent of pathology of the patient.

Homeopathic remedies showed improvements in 26 cases of 34 and no improvements were found in in 8 cases. Fair improvements were noted in 19 of 26 cases. Mild improvements were noted in 7 cases, which meant life saving for the patients. Overall improvement in 76.47% of the cases. No improvements were found in 23.52% of the cases. Moderate to good improvements in 55.88%, mild improvement in 20.58% cases. This study clearly exhibits that homeopathic remedies are most effective and evidence based in life threatening acute abdominal emergencies.