Allgemeine Homöopathische Zeitung 2017; 262(02): 2-76
DOI: 10.1055/s-0037-1601180
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Unbelievable but true – a case of osteomyelitis healed by ledum

Unglaublich aber wahr – ein Fall von Osteomyelitis geheilt mit Ledum

N Potgieter Steiner
1   Eva Demaya Centre, Rumphi District, Malawi
2   Homöopathie Praxis Potgieter & Steiner, Basel, Switzerland
3   SHI Homoeopathy College, Zug, Switzerland
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21 March 2017 (online)



Is it possible for a so-called acute remedy, not only to alleviate symptoms, but to heal serious pathology over a long period of time, and even to act constitutionally?


In Malawi, Africa, we successfully treated patients using homeopathy. Many patients often present to this rural homeopathy clinic serious and complicated diagnoses. One of these patients was a small child, just over 2 years of age, with severe osteomyelitis. The diagnosis was confirmed at the government hospital by X-ray a few months earlier and she received a regiment of antibiotics. She did not improve undergoing this treatment. Even though the symptoms were very sparse and difficult to elicit, the causation and development of the presenting symptoms led me to prescribe ledum 30CH as an acute remedy.


The patient responded almost miraculously after taking the remedy and improved dramatically within a short period of time. Although ledum was prescribed as an acute remedy, there was no further need for any other remedy, and the patient was completely free of symptoms already after only a few weeks. I may say, that this patient is healed from osteomyelitis and is doing well. I have observed her over a period of 9 years.


I am convinced that ledum did not only function as an acute remedy but also on a deeper, constitutional level. This proves that even so-called acute remedies can be as effective as our well-known polychrests and lead to complete healing, provided the symptoms match. Or in other words: Similia similibus curentur.