Allgemeine Homöopathische Zeitung 2017; 262(02): 2-76
DOI: 10.1055/s-0037-1601145
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Case of homeopathic treatment of bullous pemphigoid in an old man

Homöopathische Behandlung eines Bullösen Pemphigoids bei einem alten Mann

I Kuzmina
1   Med Univ Moscow, Moscow, Russian Federation
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21 March 2017 (online)


The case of homeopathic treatment of bullous pemphigoid in an 80-year old man will be presented. It is a severe autoimmune skin disease forming blisters or bullae on different parts of the body, accompanied by itching. The etiology of the disease is unknown. Treatment includes corticosteroids, immunosuppressant drugs and antibiotics.

In winter 2010 the patient developed a terrible itching of the skin and “pea”-sized blisters appeared. The patient was operated after a fracture of the hip joint and received antibiotics. After surgery the skin condition rapidly deteriorated, blisters spread over the entire body, including ears, hands, neck, soles, palms and the oral mucosa. Daily high fever began in the evening and lasted all night, followed by chill. The patient was depressed, he could not sleep due to itching and wanted to jump out of the window. Other symptoms were: great weakness, chillness and sleeplessness at night because of itching, a black stripe appeared in the middle of tongue, swelling of feet, burning in calves, itching worse by sweat, night fever with desire for hot tea. The patient received hormones, hormone ointment and antibiotics without any effect.

Homeopathic prescriptions were arsenicum album Q-potency (06.07.10) for 2,5-months, then arsenicum album 12C, 2 times a day for 2 months, then rhus toxicodendron Q3 potency and avena sativa MT, 5 drops before sleep (16.11.10) for 2 months, bryonia alba 12C 3 times a day for 7 days (bronchitis), several doses of psorinum 30C and then sulphur 200C, 1 M, 1 M. Homeopathic treatment lasted for 1 year. The catamnesis was 6 years.


Homeopathy, bullous pemphigoid, old age.