J Hand Microsurg 2017; 09(03): 163-166
DOI: 10.1055/s-0036-1597551
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Use of an Intra-Arterial Catheter as a Provisional Conduit for Regulated Outflow Management in the Setting of Artery-Only Digital Replantation

Michael V. DeFazio1, Kevin D. Han1, Ebrahim Paryavi1
  • 1Curtis National Hand Center, MedStar Union Memorial Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland, Unites States
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02 September 2016

14 November 2016

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27 November 2017 (eFirst)


Successful replantation of distal digital segments necessitates the establishment of sufficient outflow to minimize congestion and progressive tissue necrosis. In cases where only arterial anastomosis is feasible, an artificial outlet must be provided to maintain physiological requirements until microvenous circulation regenerates. This can be accomplished using any number of “exsanguination techniques” designed to facilitate egress through ongoing passive blood loss. Although reportedly effective, these measures are imprecise and carry a substantial risk of infection, scarring, and/or uncontrolled hemorrhage. Herein, we describe a preemptive alternative for provisional venous drainage, whereby direct catheterization of a distal arterial branch is used to enhance the precision of outflow management following artery-only digital replantation. The establishment of intravascular access, using the technique described, permits remote manipulation of the microcirculatory environment through timed administration of heparinized saline and regulated removal of controlled volumes of blood.


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