Geburtshilfe Frauenheilkd 2016; 76 - P60
DOI: 10.1055/s-0036-1583833

Sacrococcygeal Teratoma: Antenatal Diagnosis: About 6 Cases

F Mraihi 1, A Gharsa 1, W Abdallah Med 1, S Schlomann 1, A Achour 1, D Chelli 1
  • 1Department of gynecology and obstetrics A, Tunis, Tunisia


Teratomas are the most frequent congenital tumors in fetus and newborn. The sacro caudal is the most common location. It is a congenital malformation. Its prenatal diagnosis become more and more easy and early.


Retrospective study conducted in the maternity and neonatology department of Tunis concerning 6 cases of teratoma diagnosed in antenatal.

We studied the ultrasound finding, the other explorations and the outcomes.


The average age of the mothers was 27.57. The average gestity was 2.7.

Inbreeding was found in 5 cases.

The average term of the diagnosis was 27 SA (from 20 to 34 SA).

Abnormality of amniotic fluid were found in 2 cases (anamnios, oligohydramnios) with 2 cases of placental hydrops.

A concordance between ultrasound signs and fetus examination was noted in 4 cases concerning the type of the teratoma according to the classification of the AAPSS and in all cases the solid or mixed of the teratoma cystic nature.

The teratoma was isolated in 2 cases.

Other malformations (gastrointestinal, respiratory and genital) have been found.

A single karyotype has been practiced and was normal.


The sacrococcygeal teratoma diagnosis in antenatal is possible and more and more frequent. The research of associated malformations is needed. Improvement of prognosis requires multidisciplinary collaboration.