Planta Med 2016; 82 - PB35
DOI: 10.1055/s-0036-1578683

Dropsordry Decreases Nighttime Urinary Episodes In Women. Clinical Study

JA Marañon 1, C Lozano 1, L Martínez-Campesino 1, L de Los Santos 1, E Caballero-Garrido 2, F Galán-Estella 3
  • 1Tradichem Innovation Center. Faraday 7. Lab 02. Edificio Claid. Parque Cientifico de Madrid. 28049. Spain
  • 2Dep. Neurosurgery. University of New Mexico. 1100 Yale Blvd. 87131. Alburquerque. NM. USA
  • 3Departamento de Quimica Anaítica y Análisis Instrumental. Universdad Autónoma de Madrid. 28049. SPAIN

Nocturia is a frequent symptom among women complaining of urinary incontinence (UI). The most common urological conditions causing nocturia in the elderly is perimenopause. The goal of the study was to examine the effect of Dropsordry on nighttime urinary episodes in perimenopause women with UI. Dropsordry is a novel compounding containing phytoestrogens from SOLGEN isoflavones, and pyrogallol from standarized pumpkin seed extract.

An 8 weeks single-center, prospective, open label, not alleatorized, study was conducted in Spanish women. Fifty women were enrolled (45 – 62 y. old). Items related to UI symptoms, were collected (T0). The presence of UI was previously diagnosed using the ICS standards. Relationships between UI and potential related factors were also explored. Hundred percentage of the enrolled women fulfilled the ICIQ-SF quest. Two tablets containing 500 mg of Dropsordry were supplemented during the first 4 weeks (T1). From 5th to 8th week (T2) a solely tablet containing 500 mg of Drospsrdy was supplemented. Daily records of micturitions at day at night were carried out.

Compared to baseline data, the current study, a statistically significant decrease in nighttime urinary episodes were observed. A remarkable 69% reduction of nocturia was verified at the end of the study. Furthermore it was observed a significant 67% reduction in panty liner uses. No side effects were reported.

Dropsordry supplementation seems a safe and an effective strategy for reducing urinary incontinence episodes in perimenopause women. In accordance with the panel test, Dropsordy supplementation is highly effective in the improvement in the quality of life in perimenopausal women (92%).