Homœopathic Links 2016; 29(01): 041-046
DOI: 10.1055/s-0036-1572333
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Medicine, Monopoly, and Moral Panic: 21st Century Attacks on Homeopathy and Counterstrategy

Roxanne Marie Friedenfels
1   Department of Sociology, Drew University, Madison, New Jersey, United States
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06 March 2016 (online)


Attacks on homeopathy have intensified since the early 21st century. Homeopathy is being attacked because of its success; it is the second most used type of medicine in the world. It is an important healing modality in many developing countries, and its use is also expanding in affluent nations. Its growth has caused moral panic amongst many in orthodox medicine, which is threatened by new scientific findings supporting homeopathy, and wants to protect its reputation and profits. The attacks consist of claims that homeopathy is unethical and ineffective, cuts in funding in the United Kingdom and increased regulation of homeopathy. They have been particularly evident in affluent English-speaking countries. To counter the attacks, homeopaths should continue to offer high-quality homeopathy, and the homeopathic community, working together through homeopathic and health freedom organisations, should fight biomedical monopoly and the ‘harmonisation’ of homeopathy.