Homœopathic Links 2015; 28(02): 135
DOI: 10.1055/s-0035-1551664
Book Review
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There Is a Choice: Homeoprophylaxis—An Appeal to Mothers

Reviewed by Dr. J. Rozencwajg, NMD
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29 May 2015 (online)

Drug Relationship: Antidotal and Inimical

The Dose and Its Repetition

This book is the result of the meeting of the writer, Cilla Whatcott, her children, the vaccine establishment and Dr. Isaac Golden.

After succinctly describing her own journey in and out of the world of vaccines, Cilla reviews the ‘business’ of the vaccine industry, followed by studies related to their problems, to the composition of the vaccines themselves and introduces the reader to the function of the immune system.

Then comes a short but very clear expose of Dr. Isaac Golden's system of homeoprophylaxis and how to use it. There is also a quick look at Tinus Smit's CEASE therapy, one of the methods that take care of the complications of vaccination.

There is an interesting chapter about ‘Your Legal Rights’, guiding the reader through the maze of rules and regulations to follow should one want to legally avoid vaccinations. Too bad it is only limited to the United States; it would be nice if some non-US practitioners could contribute to this chapter in a future rendition.

Quite unusually for a book aimed at the wider public, references are aplenty, so that the reader can verify what Cilla writes and realise this is not “only” her opinion, but indeed an accumulation of facts, scientific studies and well-conducted research that is quite convincing. As the author concludes, the final choice is the responsibility of the parents, but they need proper information presented simply and clearly. Cilla has perfectly achieved that.

We can certainly recommend this book to every family enquiring about vaccination and alternatives to it. It would save us time and effort while providing the necessary information and can become the base for further discussion with fully informed parents.