Homœopathic Links 2015; 28(02): 125-132
DOI: 10.1055/s-0035-1551658
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One Country…Three Kingdoms: The Story of Australia

Patricia Hatherly
1  Australia
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29 May 2015 (online)


A well-constructed triptych, although a work of three parts, has complete integrity when viewed as one piece. So, when the proving of the milk of the kangaroo was published appearing to ‘tell the story’ of the continent's first peoples and their struggle to retain possession of their land, and showed good correspondence with the portrait that emerged from the proving of Uluru (the most sacred of the Aboriginal's Dreamtime icons), it occurred to me that there would surely be a specimen from the plant kingdom, which would tell a similar story, thereby completing the picture. My inclination was to do a proving of Boab, but it's not a plant that grows on the eastern side of the continent. Therefore, the Queensland Bottle Tree (also a member of Malvales) was selected to do a proving trituration. What we now have are three provings: one from each of the animal; mineral and plant kingdoms all indigenous to the continent of Australia, and all of which tell the story of the continent and its inhabitants.