Int Arch Otorhinolaryngol 2014; 18 - a2366
DOI: 10.1055/s-0034-1388929

Case Report: Post Trauma Deviated Noses

Washington Luis Cerqueira de Almeida 1, Antonio Fausto de Almeida Neto 1, Artur Grinfeld 1, Hugo Fernandes Santos Rodrigues 1, Lívia Modesto Sotero 1, Natalia Maria Couto Bem Mendonça 1
  • 1Hospital Otorrinos em Feira de Santana

Introduction: Rhinoplasty has become one of the leading cosmetic surgery. The doctor-patient communication is important to clarify expectations of the patient and the surgical limitations.

Case Report: A 52-year-old patient (C. L. M.) attended the clinic of the facial plastic at hospital otorrinos complaining for "crooked nose".

Discussion: The esthetic rhinoplasty involves the correction of the nasal pyramid, associated with the approach of the nasal septum deviation, with the purpose of resolving patient complaints such as nasal obstruction and hyposmia. The deviated noses, or "crooked nose," is the nasal pyramid deviation and may be classified into cartilage, bone, or joint rotoscoliosis. The main component of the deviated nose is the nasal septum deviated sharply. In the correction of deviated noses, the septum should be the primary target of treatment. The causes can be congenital, traumatic, and related to previous nasal surgery.

Conclusion: The surgical approach requires anatomical knowledge, combined with good surgical technique to lead to good results. Correction determines a significant improvement in quality of life of patient’s improved nasal functionality.