Int Arch Otorhinolaryngol 2014; 18 - a2083
DOI: 10.1055/s-0034-1388900

Association between Genetic Predisposition to Nasal Atrophy and Development of Ozenous Atrophic Rhinitis

Emanuel Ribeiro Barreto 1, Alessandro tunes Barros 1, Gustavo Lima Cardoso 1, Lilian lino Cardoso 1, Rebeca Pacheco Guimarães 1, Thais Marques da Costa 1
  • 1Hospital Santo Antônio

Introduction: Atrophic rhinitis and ozenous rhinitis emerge as unwieldy chronic diseases in the field of otolaryngology. Moreover, it is not well-understood etiopathogenic processes related thereto.

Objectives: It is known that the first step for the effective treatment of a disease is the understanding of the processes involved in their genesis. The case report in question exposes a familiar case of atrophic rhinitis and ozenous rhinitis. Hereby, in this study we try to better understand the possible link between genetic predisposition and trophic rhinitis, as well as the relationship of the latter as being a key factor for the emergence of ozenous rhinitis. Abstract Atrophic rhinitis is a chronic disease of the nasal mucosa, characterized by progressive atrophy of the mucosa, cartilage, and underlying bone, and may be idiopathic or secondary to granulomatous infections or related to nasal procedures, especially turbinectomies. It is associated with bacterial colonization, mainly Klebsiella ozaenae. The treatment is still only palliative, through both clinical and surgical measures. In this case report, we have three first-degree relatives affected by atrophic rhinitis: grandmother, daughter, and granddaughter, with the latter two also having ozenous rhinitis. Interestingly, grandmother reports ever having had symptoms compatible with ozena, whereas the daughter and granddaughter reported the onset of symptoms of ozena since childhood.

Conclusion: The account in question corroborates the theory that atrophic rhinitis is a genetically determined or predisposed disease, and also primary factor for developing ozena.