Int Arch Otorhinolaryngol 2014; 18 - a2067
DOI: 10.1055/s-0034-1388899

Frontal Mucocele

Aliny Gabriella Martins Vieira 1, Estefânia Marques de Oliveira 1, Ligia Zanco Bueno 1, Marcele Fernandes de Oliveira 1, Natalia Lopes Sampaio 1, Paula Karina Vitor Koerich 1
  • 1Hospital CEMA

Mucoceles are benign lesions consist with mucus secreting epithelium. Mucoceles would be the result of occlusion of the want in a double room with bathroom inside caused by previous sinus surgeries, facial traumas, inflammatory lesions, or osteoma. The more frequently treatment is the surgical marsupialization. The purpose of this work is to present the case of a 15-year-old female patient who was taken care in the CEMA Hospital, São Paulo, Brazil. Four years ago, she met with a car accident, and 3 years after this event she came up with periorbital edema and ocular pain. She was attended by an ophthalmologist doctor who made the diagnosis of mucoceles and opted to make an external surgery on her. After 8 months, she once again presented with an edema and ocular pain, with gradual worsening, however without visual alteration or secretion. In physical examination, she presented proptosis (inferior lateral) and eyelid edema. Through a computed tomography (CT), we detected the relapse of the lesion, presenting a frontal mucocele. As treatment, we opted for the excision of the lesion by endonasal way. The clinical diagnosis of mucoceles was histopathologically confirmed. The most frequently mucoceles are the frontethmoidals, followed by the ethmoidals, sphenoidal, maxillary, and more rarely, nasal turbinate. Mucoceles cause facial deformities and ocular symptoms. CT is most indicated complementary examination. The mucoceles treatment is chirurgical, and the marsupialization by endoscopic way is the chosen treatment.

Keywords: Mucocele, frontal sinus, traumatic mucocele.