Int Arch Otorhinolaryngol 2014; 18 - a2499
DOI: 10.1055/s-0034-1388896

Parapharyngeal Abscess: A Case report

Larissa Claret de Lima 1, Camillus Magalhaes Carneiro dos Santos 1, Fellipe Cunha Oliveira Pomar 1, Paulo Henrique Bicalho Barcelos 1, Torcuato Sanchez Rojas Neto 1, Ulisses Jose Ribeiro 1
  • 1Hospital Nossa Senhora de Lourdes

Introduction: Parapharyngeal abscess is a deep neck abscess characterized by collections that are housed in spaces surrounded by fascial planes. Knowledge of the anatomy of this region helps in diagnosing the source of infection and its dissemination route. Mortality rates have fallen significantly with the advent and improvement of antibiotic therapy, imaging methods, and early surgical intervention. Thus, it is essential to be alert to make early diagnosis and appropriate treatment of these infections.

Objective/purpose: Relate a case of parapharyngeal abscess on young patient.

Resumed Report: A 26-year-old female patient, sought care reporting cervical tumor begun 1 day after the treatment of tonsillitis with azithromycin and benzathine. She was admitted for investigation, and she denied sore throat and other symptoms. The patient displays cervical tumor only, about 6 cm, in the left region, painful palpation, motionless, and firm consistency. Performed cervical tomography confirmed that the abscess on the left parapharyngeal space, extending posteriormente to prevertebral space. The abscess drainage was performed in the operating room.

Conclusion: Knowledge of cervical fascia and deep neck spaces is critical for the correct treatment of cervical abscess and its complications delimited by it. About 20% of the cases have not set initial focus, and it is believed that some of these cases are because of undiagnosed congenital deformities. It is important to establish early diagnosis, and complications to be aware of getting a good prognosis.