Int Arch Otorhinolaryngol 2014; 18 - a2425
DOI: 10.1055/s-0034-1388820

Glomus Tympanicum: A Case Report

Larissa Claret de Lima 1, Camillus Magalhaes Carneiro dos Santos 1, Paulo Henrique Bicalho Barcelos 1, Thais Knoll Ribeiro de Azevedo Marques 1, Thiago Andrade Fraga 1, Torcuato Sanchez Rojas Neto 1
  • 1Hospital Nossa Senhora do Lourdes

Introduction: The glomus tumor is a cellular vascular neoplasia that grows slow and benign. It can compromise the internal carotid artery, the bulb of the jugular vein, and the vague nerve. The most common symptoms are loss of hearing and pulsatile buzzing, generally one sided. Image examination confirms the diagnosis and biopsy is unnecessary and contraindicated. Computed tomography with contrast or magnetic resonance imaging confirms the diagnosis observing the tumor and bone changes. A surgery is the only perspective of cure. Radiotherapy can be suitable for patients with no surgical condition.

Objectives: This study aims to report a case of bilateral glomus jugulotimpânico in a young patient.

Case Report: SC, 26-year-old female patient was admitted to an otorhinolaryngologic clinic with pulsatile buzzing bilateral bad, right ear for 6 months. No more complaints. The otoscopy visualized the tumor retrotympanic hypotympanum aspect hyperemic pulsatile and bilateral. The audiometry was carried out and was normal, the image examinations confirmed our diagnosis.

Conclusion: Glomus tumors are usually benign tumors that occur in various parts of the body, but are most frequent in the head and neck. Hearing loss is initially conductive, however, there is an erosion of the otic capsule, sensorineural hearing loss can be observed along with vertigo symptoms. Treatment should be individualized, taking into account the patient age, tumor location and its size. It is important to watch out for difference diagnostic knowledge of pulsatile buzzing and can be vascular malformations or tumor like glomus tympanicum. The glomus tympanicum premature diagnostic consist of an early treatment and avert the consequences permanently.